Bergmann Typhoon Best Car Tyre Inflator In India 2020 with Heavy Duty Metal

  • Bergmann Typhoon Best Car Tyre inflator Heavy Duty Metal In India
  • Solid Build, heavy-duty, tough, and reliable car air inflator.
  • Metal tire inflators are stronger, sturdier, and radiate heat better.
  • Having lower noise and vibration.
  • Say no to plastic inflators.
  • Plastic body air inflators are fragile, noisy, and not able to radiate out the heat generated during compression.
  • Technologically advanced heavy-duty copper core motor provides super-fast inflation.
  • A high precision analog gauge is protected with a rubber bumper.
  • Doesn’t require any batteries and has a longer life than most digital gauge.
  • Thick, braided, heatproof, rat-proof, rubber air hose for tyre inflator.
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet.
  • 3m long cord that comfortably reaches all tyres.
  • Super Bright LED light for dark or low light conditions.
  • Item Weight: 798gm
  • Product Dimension : 21 x 12 x18

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Bergmann Typhoon Best Car Tyre inflator Specification

Just imagine, you get a flat tyre in the middle of the road at night with your family. Obviously, it is not safe for you and your family. Bergmann Typhoon’s best car tire inflator air pump will help you inflate your tyre instantly and help you to go to nearest garage.No need to stand in queues to top up the tyre air. You can also use this car tyre inflator to inflate your children’s bike wheels, footballs, swimming floats, etc.

Bergmann Germany has brought a powerful 100 % copper motor for efficient long term operation. It works even under harsh climate conditions. Just plug the inflator cord to car cigarette lighter socket. Now fix the hose valve to your car tyre. Then switch it on. It is super quick. It will inflate a mid-size tyre from 0 to 30 psi in just 2 minutes.

The digital display will show you accurate pressure up to +2 %. It will protect from rubber bumps. The LED light will help you during use in dark or low light conditions. The durable metal body prevents unwanted movement. You will get an extra nozzle to inflate toys, balls, and water sports equipment. Bergmann Germany gives you one year warranty. So can rest in peace with no question.

Heavy Metal Body: Bergmann Typhoon best car tyre inflator air compressor pump has a strong heavy-duty metal body. It is stronger, sturdier, and radiates heat better. Due to the strong metal built, it has much lower noise and vibration.

Superfast Inflation: Bergmann Typhoon Best Car Tyre inflator is designed with 150W heavy-duty 100 % copper core motor. It provides superfast inflation due to a copper core motor. It inflates the tyre of 0 to 30 PSI in around two minutes.

Say No to Plastic Body Inflators: Plastic body is too weak and breakable with respect to a metal body. It Produces noise, high vibration, and radiate heat generated during inflation. So the probability of wear and tear of the inner part of the device is increased.

Brass Nozzle: Your finger can be burnt during inflation. So Bergmann Typhoon Best Car Tyre inflator provides pure brass nozzle with expensive heat resistant thermoplastic material. It will help you to prevent figure burn.

Braided Rubber Air Hose: Plain rubber hose is not durable. So braided rubber air hose is used. Bergmann Typhoon Best Car Tyre inflator is heatproof and rat proof.

Bright LED Light: You will not face inconvenience during low light or dark conditions.Because this car tyre inflator has offered 4 LED bright light. So you can use it comfortably at any time.

Free Bag Storage: Bergmann offers a free storage bag. So you can keep your tire inflator along with its accessories in this storage bag safely.

Free Nozzle And Extra Fuse: You will get a free nozzle and extra fuse to inflate your children’s toys, inflatable bed, basketball, football, bicycles, etc


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