DDPAI Best Car Dash Cam In India 2020 With 140 Degree Wide Angle Lens

  • Working temperatures range from -25 degrees to 85 degrees.
  • LCD Screen and Lithium battery replaced by the supercapacitor.
  • Longer lifespan and suitable for 24 hr parking monitor.
  • APP controlled operation interface is user friendly.
  • You can easily understand and operate this camera in a few minutes.
  • Superior night performance by WDR technology.
  • G-sensor for auto-detection and collision latch.
  • Loop recording
  • Remote snapshot button capture picture 10s/20s/30s video clip conveniently.
  • CE & RoHS & FCC Certified.
  • Work with both 12Volt and 24 Volt vehicles.
  • Supports 1GB to 128GB Micro SD Cards.
  • Distortionless 2K 1440p HD video.
  • DDPAI Best Car Dash Cam




DDPAI Best Car Dash Cam 2K1440p Video Resolution:

DDPAI Best Car Dash Cam provides loop recording with 1440p ultra HD. It gives 78 % more than 1080p clear video. So the number plate of vehicles can be read easily. It works on auto mode.No need to start the camera again and again. Video recording will start automatically whenever the car ignition will turn on. Hisilicon H.264 main processor and Omnivision Ov05A10 4 megapixel CMOS image sensor has used to take a clear image.

Zero Distortion Wide Angle Lens: Zero distortion wide-angle lens has used to design the DDPAI best car dash cam. The best feature is that a 140-degree spherical lens can take a wide field of view with zero distortion. Hence, You will not get any fishy eye angle effect that can normally you will find on other video recording camera. You will experience a better view and a clear number plate.

Super Night Mode: Aperture F1.8 lens is adopted by this camera. So, It gives results 20 % more light intake than F2.0.DDPAI Best Car Dash Cam comes with an advanced OmniVision (OV4689) image sensor. It is able to work in star level night vision for better quality.WDR technology has defined the super night performance.

3rd Generation Snapshot Button: It comes with a third-generation remote snapshot button. You can save images and videos of 10 seconds with just one click. You will get always a high resolution of image.No matter which video format you have selected for recording.

WiFi Module: You should join the DDPAI mini2p Camera APP. Now you can directly connect your camera with mobile via DDPAI APP through WiFi Module. You can use your mobile to download and playback the video footage in real-time. You can also share interesting road trips with your friends and family in real-time and location without removing SD cards from the camera.

24 Hour Parking Mode: You will have to purchase the specifically designed hardwire kit separately. It will help you with 24 hr parking monitoring. Whenever your vehicle comes in unattended mode, it will records evidence. It can download the video for a long duration in parking mode.

High Reliability: In DDPAi dashcam, a supercapacitor replaces the battery. It provides high reliability. Your camera will also work in a wide range of temperature ie from -25 Degree to 85 Degree C.It has a longer lifespan and suitable for 24hr parking monitor.



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