FABTEC Best Car Body Cover In India 2020 For Maruti Swift With Mirror Antenna Pocket

  • Note: Cover is not waterproof.
  • Come with two mirror pockets and one antenna pocket.
  • Antenna pocket can be placed as per the car’s Antenna pockets.
  • Oxford polyester cloth is used to provide a stylish look to your car.
  • Prevent your car from dust, tree saps, bird drops, and scratches.
  • The cover is triple stitched for durability.
  • Made as per car full size.
  • The lightweight cloth makes it easier to put on and taking off.
  • Please put the cover on a car from the backside.
  • Cover the antenna first then the mirror pocket.
  • Don’t pull the cover too hard while putting it in the car.
  • Adust the size from the front and sides.
  • Fit perfectly in the car.



FABTEC best car body cover is prepared by imported heavy Oxford polyester fabric. It has double heaving coating. It makes the cloth thicker as it covers the whole yarn.FABTEC  has used 160 gm fabric in one meter of cover. It makes it heavier and stronger than another car cover. This car body cover helps to keep the vehicle safe from surrounding elements. When you will not use your car for a long period of time then this cover will help you to keep the car clean. It will cover the full size of yours. So provides full protection from dust, birds drop, heat and cold, and scratch.

FABTEC Best Car Body Cover Heavy Buckle:

FABTEC best car body cover has a heavy buckle. This heavy buckle will help car body cover to protect from blowing off the high wind.

Triple Stitched: FABTEC has taken extra steps to make your car body cover more secure and strong with respect to other car body cover. So you will get triple stitched on your car cover with imported threads. It makes your cover more tight and secure. Tripple stitched car body cover makes your vehicle cool, dry, dust-free, and unaffected from adverse climatic conditions.

Safety Information 

  • Please don’t cover your repainted car until the color is not dry completely.FABTEC is not liable for damage occurring due to the repainted.
  • Don’t cover your wet vehicle. Car body cover can trap moisture and it can cause to damage the car body exterior.
  • Never cover the hot surface of the car. Otherwise, it will damage your car look. Especially don’t use your car cover just after driving. Because hot bonnet can cause damage to the exterior of the vehicle.



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