iBELL Best Car Tyre Inflator In India 2020 with 2 year Warranty

  • Powerful drive 100 % copper motor.
  • Built-in high precision pressure gauge.
  • Heavy-duty, high power solid metal air compressor.
  • Anti-vibration rubber is used to prevent unwanted movement.
  • Fast air filling.
  • Equipped with LED light for dark or low light conditions.
  • 3-meter cord wire reaches all tyres comfortably.
  • iBELL Best Car Tyre Inflator.




iBELL Best Car Tyre Inflator Description

It is the most common issue when your car tyre will flat during travel. That time tyre inflator will be a real hero for you and your car.iBELL best car tyre inflator presents heavy-duty tire inflator. This accessory should be in your car all the time to enjoy your undisturbed drive.

Direct Drive Motor: It is driven by 180W powerful copper motor to perform the heavy-duty task of pumping air. It performs well even in the jumbo car and their bigger tyres.

Ergonomic Power Cord: iBELL best car tyre inflator has flexible 3-meter long cord wire. It can connect to any tyre of your car.No need of tugging and pulling of the power cord to reach the tyres.

Anti Vibration Rubber Feet: iBELL best car tyre inflator has rubber stopper at the bottom. It helps to combat vibration motion and provide good stability. So that your device will not vibrate during operation.

Dual Mode Indicator: If you will fell to fill the air in midnight or in dark parking basement then you can switch on the bright led light. It will facilitate you with the brightness. You should use hazard mode when you need to inflate your car tyre on the Highway during the night. It will make you safe on the road.

Excellent Precision Pressure Gauge: iBELL car tyre inflator has an inbuilt analog pressure gauge. It will give you an idea of the amount of air pressure present in the tyre. It will also inform you what is the quantity of air pressure being pumped.

Easy And Superfast Installation: Just plug in the 3-meter long chord of tyre inflator to your car cigarette lighter panel. Now you can inflate your tyre by pumping pressure of PSI 150.

Compact And Portable: iBELL tyre inflator comes in mini size portable design. It occupies very little space in your car. You can be taken anywhere with a comfort handle.

How To Start Inflating?

  • Firstly you will have to connect your power chord to the cigarette lighter or power socket of your car.
  • Now fix the nozzle to the tyre and check the pressure before pumping.
  • Keep your car in ignition mode.
  • When it will reach the designated value, please make it turn off.
  • unplug the nozzle and chord wire.
  • Now your tire is ready for a drive.
  • Now your tire is ready for a drive.


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