iBELL Best Car Vacuum Cleaner In India 2020 with 6 Types Of Nozzle

  • Reach every spot with the 10 feet long power cord.
  • Elastic hose and nozzle set.
  • Ideal for both wet and dry dirt.
  • Equipped with 6 different nozzles to meet the gamut of cleaning needs.
  • 10ft long power cord.
  • 100W motor.
  • 12Volt power outlet.



iBELL best car vacuum cleaner is turned up with the stupendous idea of cleaning every corner of the car with a powerful 100W motor. It does not let the dust settle anymore. This car vacuum cleaner is designed with six different nozzles to meet a gamut of cleaning needs. It will save your time and money and also gives professional result every time.

No Hassle, Breathe Better: Don’t waste your money to buy any simple vacuum cleaner for car. The right vacuum cleaner will only help you to chase down the dirt.iBELL best car vacuum cleaner features a trash container. This trash container helps you to prevent your trash from falling out.

Adore Every Edge: Your right selection is most important for your car during purchasing a car vacuum cleaner. You should think about which one will solve the purpose of cleaning. Either It will reach every corner of the car or not.iBELL best car vacuum cleaner for a car has a 10 ft long power cord. It will help you to reach all the spots in the car. After cleaning it will renew the look and make it simple spotless.

Clean Your Car Like Pro: The car vacuum cleaner has a powerful 100W motor and strong metal turbine. It cleans all the grime out. Nothing escapes it. This vacuum cleaner reduces the time in dusting, sweeping by vacuuming the dirt.

Six Nozzle Types: The portable vacuum cleaner removes the dirt by cutting off from its source. It has different types of six nozzles to meet all range of cleaning needs. You can store your vacuum cleaner in a bag and take along everything you need.

iBELL Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 12 Volt Outlet:

iBELL Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 12V outlet can be used for any car design. It has a transparent trash container to let you know when it is full. This cleaner is ideal for both wet and dry. It is time to pamper your car with a clean, uncluttered interior.


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