iGRiD Handheld Best Car Vacuum Cleaner In India 2020 with HEPA Filter

  • This “L” shaped vacuum cleaner uses pro cyclone technology. This pro cyclone technology provides 4500 PA.
  • Traps particles up to 0.3 microns and prevent these particles from leaving the exhaust flow.
  • You can install this lightweight vacuum cleaner very easily.
  • A filter can be removed dust easily and washed with water to keep the vacuum cleaner hygienic.
  • Weight is less than one kg. So easy to carry.
  • Easy to deal with cigarette butts, dust, peel, paper, and pet hair.
  • Perfect for your car.
  • iGRiD Handheld Best Car Vacuum Cleaner



Your car is a part of your home. You share it with your family, children, friends, and pets. So it necessary to make your car clean and healthy as you keep your home.iGRiD handheld best Car Vacuum Cleaner will help you.

Without iGRiD handheld best car vacuum cleaner you can not imagine cleaning your car. It comes with patented pro cyclone technology. This technology makes it superior with respect to all other car vacuum cleaner. Tough and quality ABS material is used during manufacturing it.ABS material makes it scratch proof, impact resistant and chemical resistant. Its compact design and attachments help you to reach space from any angle. So you don’t miss a crumb. This powerful, easy to use iGRiD Handheld best Car Vacuum Cleaner can clean your car as clean and safe as your home.

Portable Design of iGRiD handheld best Car Vacuum Cleaner:

It is less than 1 kg in weight. So you can carry it around your house or into your car without any inconvenience.

Washable Filter of iGRiD handheld best Car Vacuum Cleaner:

You can easily remove the HEPA filter to wash it. If you will clean it from time to time properly then it will maintain efficiency for a long period of time.

Powerful Suction: The Patented “L” technology is used. iGRiD Handheld best Car Vacuum Cleaner provides superior suction capability. It also provides no loss of suction power even the dust compartment is full. So you can clean your car without any tension.

Bag Less Design: There is no dust bag for collecting the dust. So you don’t need to replace the dust bag. The particles will store in a container. When this container is completely filled, then detach it from cleaner and through the dirt in the big trash or garbage cans. The container is translucent, so you can easily get when you have to clean your container.

Clean Your Car Like A Pro: The stainless steel HEPA filter and the triple cyclone filtration system are used in iGRiD Handheld best Car Vacuum Cleaner. This feature helps to trap the particles up to 0.3 microns


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