TIREWELL Best Digital Tyre Inflator In India 2020 Auto Cut Off Portable Air Compressor In India

  • It can inflate standard mid-sized tyres from 0 to 200 PIS in just 4.8 minutes only.
  • Pre-set the pressure and the tire inflator will automatically switch off, once the pre-set pressure has been achieved.
  • Don’t need to worry about over-inflating your tires.
  • LED display will help you to calculate the required pressure values.
  • The 3-meter long power cord will reach any of the four wheels.
  • It comes with an additional nozzle and adapter.



Whenever the tire pressure is insufficient TIREWELL best digital car tyre inflator will quickly inflate your car tyres. High efficiency, compact and quiet pump is driven by a motor. This pump has a cigarette lighter with a built-in 10a fuse. Lenght of cigarette lighter power cord is 11.5ft. Screw connector can be tightly connected to the tire gas. It will take hardly 5 minutes to inflate the tire up to 35psi.

Plastic is used to design the shell. So you will feel comfortable to use and carry it. Bright LED light will help you in nighttime emergencies. You can easily change the pressure setting such as psi, bar, and kpa

Digital Tyre Inflator With LED Light: TIREWELL portable car tire inflator is perfect to inflate tires of cars, sports ball, cycle, bike, air mats, toys, and so on.Plugin the power cord of the device into your car cigarette lighter and screw on the tire valve. Now you are ready to inflate the tyres. You can set the pressure as per requirement before inflating the tires. Once you will do it, now no need to do anything. The inflator device will start to inflate the tyres and it will automatically shut off when it will reach the targeted pressure. Different sizes of three nozzles you will get along with the device. You can use these nozzles to fill the air according to the inlet.

Smart Display Dial: You can use freely to monitor the pressure on LCD backlit display during filling the air. You can change the pressure unit from psi to KPA, BAR, and KG/CM mode.

Auto Shut Off: You will have to just set the pressure threshold limit. Inflation will automatically stop at the threshold limit. So no need to worry about over inflation or low pressure.

LED Flash Light: Seven led super bright flashlight will help you easily inflate tires even in a dark environment without interference.

Brass Screw Connector: Screw connector is made of using heavy-duty brass. It helps to connect the tire and nozzles of different sizes.

Long Power Cord : 3 meters long power cord helps the tyres inflator to reach all tyres.


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