Transcend Drive Pro best dash camera In India 2020 WiFi Car Video Recorder

  • Car Dashboard video camera with suction cup
  • Included 32 GB micro SD CaRD.
  • Sony high sensitive image sensor
  • Built-in GPS receiver logos your driving path
  • Built-in Wifi function for mobile live streaming
  • Parking Mode
  • Ensure uninterruptible recording
  • Emergency Recording
  • Item Weight: 81.6 gm
  • Product Dimension : 7 x 6.3 x 3.5 cm
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required included
  • Ram Size: 0.01 GB
  • Digital Storage Capacity: 32GB



Transcend Drive Pro Best Dash camera WiFi Car Video Recorder In India uses a Sony sensor. It records high-resolution images even in low light. Wide dynamic range ie WDR technology is used to balance the light and dark area of captured images. It ensures that it will take a clear shot even in a critical situation.

GPS/GLONASS Receiver: GPS/GLONASS receiver helps to add accurate date and time into a recorded video. It precisely locates where the incident happened. So that it will help to Police or representative to respond quickly.

Handy Snapshot Function: You can take photos while recording is going on. It is possible by handy snapshot function. You can easily take out the Transcend Drive Pro best dash camera from your car to record the collision damage photographs.

Battery: Lithium Polymer battery is source of power and it is pre-built.So it will record the video even your car engine is off.

Emergency Recording: Sony G- Sensor detects the impact of a collision. This sensor triggered emergency recordings automatically. This feature can also be activated by pressing the red button manually. It helps to prevent from overwriting of the file at the time.

WiFi Connectivity: You will have to install Drive pro APP in your android or iPhone mobile. You can connect your mobile to the car dashcam through Wi-Fi Connectivity. It will provide you real-time footage playback and download.WiFi connectivity helps you to provide video evidence for reporting incidents to law enforcement and insurance companies.

Parking Mode: Transcend Drive Pro Dashcam WiFi Car Video Recorder will also work when you will park your car in public parking. You will have to enable the parking mode. It will start recording when the motion will be detected. Latter you can check the matter without view hours of incident-free footage.

Drive Pro Toolbox: You can easily find the video clips by file name with recording date and group by the help of Drive Pro Toolbox. It can also take the screenshot for the capture of a single frame. When you will connect the GPS to your camera, the Drive Pro Toolbox will help to display actual path or maps when recording video is being played.


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