TUSA Best Digital Car Tyre Inflator In India 2020 with LED Light

  • TUSA Best Digital Car Tyre Inflator with LED Light In India
  • 12.10 Feet long cable can reach any of the four tires.
  • An inbuilt pressure gauge is not just to pump air but also to check the air pressure.
  • The device will shut down automatically after filling up the tires.
  • Inflate a tyre from flat to 40 PSI in 2 minutes only.
  • Item Weight: 998gm
  • Package Dimension : 25.2 x 16.6 x 11 cm



TUSA Best Digital Car Tyre Inflator

TUSA best digital car tyre inflator Is always ready to make your car tyres inflated. The process is very easy to use. Plugin and play.Nothing more nothing less. It comes with four different nozzle types. It works perfectly fine not just for cars but also for the bike, cycle, and auto rickshaws.

Easy To Use: Just plug in the cord of TUSA best digital car tyre inflator into the car socket. Now it is ready to use. Nothing more you have to do.No complex connection is required to operate it.

It has different measuring units from PSI to KPA, BAR, kg/cm sqr. You can make it all change by pressing the “R” button. You can also increase or decrease the pressure by pressing + or –

Multipurpose Use: You will get 4 different size nozzles along with the device free of cost. You can use all 4 different nozzles for your car, cycle, bike, rikshaws according to the condition.

Bright LED Torch Light: If you will have to pump air in midnight or dark basement then bright LED torchlight will help you to make sure that you play the device right.

Large LCD Screen: TUSA best digital inflator provides you with a large LCD screen. So bigger digit will display on that screen. So anyone can read the number displaying on the screen without their reading glass.

How to Use the TUSA Best Digital Car Tyre Inflator?

  1. First of all, you have to unbox the device and take out the power cord and the gauge pipe.
  2. Now you have to plug in the DC cigarette lighter receptacle (the charging point)
  3. Check which tire do want to inflate and then place the nozzle on it.
  4. Press down the small lock in order to make sure the nozzle does not come off.
  5. Once you will press the power button of the car, the inflator would automatically display a reading of the existing pressure in the tire.
  6. You have to use the + or – toggle buttons. It helps to increase or decrease the required pressure.
  7. Now just press the power button which is given on inflator and it whirs up to motion.
  8. Watch as the pressure fills into the tire and watch the reading on the screen.
  9. Once it will reach the designated value, it will turn off automatically.
  10. Finally, you have to unplug the nozzle carefully and then unplug the cord wire and store it away. Technical


    Voltage: 12-V input
    Power Consumption: 120 Watts
    Material: ABS Plastic and Metal
    Cable Length: 12 feet/3.70 Metres
    Maximum Pressure Operation: 150 PSI
    Maximum Pressure Measurement: 260 PSI


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